URATX Services

Frequently Asked Questions
Which areas do you service?

We service Austin and surrounding areas including Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Hutto and Manor. It may cost a little bit more depending on the distance from which restaurant you placed your order.

Do you offer individual delivery service?

We do if you book in advance. We can do grocery (HEB and Sam’s Club curbside), meal and custom delivery requests so long as you order and pay for it in advance with the pickup location. The more notice you can give, the better the chances we can have a driver cover it. Payment is only collected when we confirm acceptance of the request.

Pricing is based on base charge and then a $1/mile for anything over the set miles for that type of delivery. Submit a request through a form to get a quote. Grocery and meal requests usually average $15 base charge for a 5 mile drop off. Tips are optional and not mandatory but always appreciated. The cost may vary depending on the type of order you place (catering/large orders, large grocery deliveries will incur higher rates)

Is it just me or it seems a bit pricey than the $3-5 delivery fee on apps?

When you take into factor the other service fees and markup you pay for the food plus the up to 30% markup on the restaurant side, NO you’re not necessarily paying more with us. We’re just being a heck of a lot more transparent. Also our rates are factored so we treat tips as optional. Just like it was always intended so you don’t need to feel compelled to add a really high tip just to get it delivered, however it’s always appreciated! 100% of tips go to the drivers. Seriously though, no more guilt tipping and you’re getting the convenience and professionalism you requested with what you’re paying for every single time.

Why should we bother with this extra step of having to pay for the food and then delivery?

Restaurants more than ever (including us) need your direct business and not have it fed through a large third party platform that’s taking a large chunk in fees and commissions. We do not take any orders directly and simply charge a fee for the delivery portion.

Why don’t I just get a runner off those facebook groups to pick up the delivery instead?

You’re always welcome to do that! However here’s some of the issues to consider:

  • They may not have the equipment to keep your food properly insulated and handled
  • They most likely don’t have any sort of liability insurance if something goes wrong
  • There’s no real time tracking of your order
  • There’s no accountability or legal recourse if something goes wrong because they’re not a business
  • They have mandatory “suggested” tips
  • They may not use legal methods for payment for services rendered. Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle, etc. will not give you refunds if you use it for services not covered in their terms.
  • They’re not always vetted and background cleared and properly contracted since the FB group may not be a legitimate business. All our drivers have been cleared and legally allowed to work in the US.
Why should we use you?

Not only are we a professional delivery service, you will be supporting a local business that takes pride in everything we do and support our other business partners and the local economy in return. We also don’t take commissions from any restaurants and have a 50/50 tip share policy for group/catering orders with our partners.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions and you didn’t answer them here?

You can: