Our Story

URATX Services was founded in April 2019 when we discovered a need for reliable, professional catering delivery services for businesses. We quickly grew and expanded to provide delivery services all of Austin and surrounding areas when we partnered with Foodee.

Prior to URATX, we both did various logistic deliveries for HEB, Amazon Flex, Doordash, Grubhub and Postmates since 2016. We were able to learn the pros and cons about last mile logistics and identify where there was a need for improvement and accountability within those services. Our work background in business, law enforcement, hospitality and logistics gave us an opportunity to launch a company that will embrace our ideals and work values for work/life balance, equality and fair pay for everyone that’s partnered with us.

Our drivers aside from ourselves are independent contractors who are business owners, community members, homeowners and part of a family. We strive to lead by example from day one to provide a high end, reliable delivery service to provide services to businesses and individuals that benefit all parties without charging exorbitant fees.

We are strictly a logistics company dedicated to providing last mile delivery services. We do NOT resell food, groceries, products and charge fees to the restaurant or retain a portion of their earnings. We charge only for delivery which is paid by the consumer/business and in some cases the restaurant may subsidize the cost of the delivery so it’s shared.