COVID-19 Health and Safety Notice

Last updated: August 15th, 2021

URATX Drivers

All drivers will be adhering to city and state protocols for personal safety including wearing a face covering, limiting distancing and be mindful of sanitization of equipment and personal hygiene between orders. Specific guidelines of how different types of orders are handled are listed below.

Delivery Service - Food Delivery

At this time we've resumed accepting catering style meals as well as individually packaged meals. Setups are still limited to basic setup to reduce risk of cross-contamination.

Food preparation - Restaurants

URATX Services restaurant partners as well as third party partners are adhering to the following protocols

All restaurant employees are required to follow state/local health orders when prepping food which include:

  • Wear gloves and dispose of them after each use
  • Utilize hand sanitation and soap
  • Observe physical distancing by separating duties into different workspaces
  • Wear masks at all times
  • Regular cleaning and sanitation of surfaces

All restaurant partners must package and leave food ready for pickup in a sanitized environment where physical distancing can be practiced. To ensure a clean handoff with delivery drivers, restaurants must also:

  • Have a sanitized pickup station with meals ready for pickup by drivers at the arranged time
  • Plate all food in individually sealed boxes and placed into an eco-friendly sealed bag with clearly labeled names on each bag

Food delivery pickup

All drivers are required to provide personal protective equipment including wear a face covering and reinforce their use during food pickup and drop off.

To reduce contact and ensure a clean handoff, drivers are required to observe the following:

  • Sanitize delivery hot bags prior to placing food in
  • Minimize interactions with restaurant staff
  • Maintain physical/social distancing when possible

Drop-off - Business

To maximize physical distancing, our delivery drivers will be leaving food at the reception or at a designated drop zone near the entrance of your office. We ask all clients to indicate in their orders where the designated drop zone will be. URATX Services are offering basic setup only at this time to limit exposure which include laying out boxes and bags to facilitate pickup by individuals.

Drop-off - Residential

Food orders will be left on the doorstep of the address provided along with photo proof of the drop off. The app will notify clients when it’s delivered. Driver can knock/ring doorbell before leaving to notify you of the drop off as well. Driver’s are to avoid in person contact when possible at this time.